The Associations Competitions


1. Schools' Shield


This, the oldest of the Association’s competitions was first competed for in Season 1892/1893. At this time it was a Rugby competition and it remained so for three seasons. The League at this time was referred to as ‘The Bradford Board Schools’ League.’

The winners of the Competition when it was a Rugby one were:

1892/1893 Belle Vue Runners-up: Chapel Street

1893/1894 Whetley Lane Runners-up: Belle Vue

1894/1895 Whetley Lane Runners-up: Belle Vue

In Season 1895/1896 the Competition became a Soccer one, Belle Vue beating Whetley Lane in the Final. The age limit was 14 for Elementary school boys and 13 years 9 months for Secondary (or Higher Grade School) boys.

The subsequent winners have been:

1895/1896 Lilycroft

1896/1897 Whetley Lane

1897/1898 Whetley Lane

1898/1899 Belle Vue

1899/1900 Belle Vue

1900/1901 Belle Vue

1901/1902 Whetley Lane

1902/1903 Whetley Lane

1904/1905 Whetley Lane

1905/1906 Barkerend

1906/1907 Whetley Lane

1907/1908 Whetley Lane

1908/1909 Barkerend

1909/1910 Barkerend

1910/1911 Barkerend

1911/1912 Barkerend

1912/1913 Hanson

1913/1914 Belle Vue

1914/1915 Grange Road

1915/1916 Drummond Road

1916/1917 No Competition

1917/1918 No Competition

1918/1919 No Competition

1919/1920 St. Joseph’s

1920/1921 Belle Vue

1921/1922 Wyke

1922/1923 Belle Vue

1923/1924 Wyke (Note 1)

1924/1925 Wapping

1925/1926 Wapping

1926/1927 Fairweather Green

1927/1928 Usher Street

1928/1929 Whetley Lane

1929/1930 Lapage Street

1930/1931 Usher Street

1931/1932 Lapage Street

1932/1933 Lapage Street

1933/1934 Lapage Street

1934/1935 Drummond Road

1935/1936 Drummond Road

1936/1937 Drummond Road

1937/1938 Drummond Road

1938/1939 Drummond Road (Note 2)

1939/1940 to 1945/1946 No Competition

1946/1947 Grange

1947/1948 Grange (Note 3)

1948/1949 Grange

1949/1950 Grange

1950/1951 Belle Vue

1951/1952 Belle Vue

1952/1953 Drummond Road

1953/1954 Grange

1954/1955 Carlton

1955/1956 Grange

1956/1957 Beckfoot

1957/1958 Belle Vue

1958/1959 Belle Vue

1959/1960 St. Bede's (Note 4)


(1) The 5 secondary schools were placed in Section A of Division 1, the other 12 teams being placed in Sections B and C.

(2) Drummond Road won the shield for the 5th successive year – a record!

(3) The Schools' Shield became an Under 15 competition

(4) The Schools' Shield was replaced by the ‘Walter French Trophy’

The Schools' Shield was won by schools as follows; Belle Vue 10 times; Whetley Lane 8 times; Drummond Road and Grange 7 times; Lapage 4 times; Wyke, Wapping and Usher Street each twice; Lilycroft, Hanson, St. Joseph’s, Fairweather Green, Carlton, Beckfoot and St. Bede's each once.


2. The Schools' Cup.


The Schools' Cup was presented to the Association by Mr Dan Mullarkey and first competed for in Season 1899/1900. Like the Schools' Shield it was originally an Under 14 Competition. It was offered for competition to all clubs,” ... to be played for on the usual cup-tie principle.”

1899/1900 Usher Street Runners-up :Belle Vue

1900/1901 Belle Vue Runners-up :Hanson

1901/1902 Belle Vue Runners-up :Hanson

1902/1903 Whetley Lane Runners-up :Ryan Street

1903/1904 Whetley Lane Runners-up :Hanson

1904/1905 Barkerend Runners-up :Hanson

1905/1906 Whetley Lane Runners-up :Barkerend

1906/1907 Barkerend Runners-up :Whetley Lane

1907/1908 Barkerend Runners-up :Belle Vue

1908/1909 Drummond Road Runners-up :Barkerend

1909/1910 Barkerend Runners-up :Hanson

1910/1911 Whetley Lane Runners-up :Great Horton

1911/1912 Great Horton Runners-up :Carlton Street

1912/1913 Dudley Hill Runners-up :Great Horton

1913/1914 Barkerend Runners-up :Dudley Hill

1914/1915 Belle Vue Runners-up :Great Horton

1916/1917 Belle Vue Runners-up :Hanson

1917/1918 Grange Runners-up :St. Joseph’s

1918/1919 St. Joseph’s Runners-up :Belle Vue

1919/1920 St. Joseph’s Runners-up :Fairweather Green

1920/1921 St. Bede'sRunners-up :Carlton

1921/1922 Wyke Runners-up :Whetley Lane

1922/1923 Carlton Runners-up :Wyke

1923/1924 Wyke Runners-up :Whetley Lane

1924/1925 Wyke

1925/1926 Carlton Runners-up :Wapping

1926/1927 Grange Runners-up :Bradford Moor

1927/1928 Fairweather Green Runners-up :Whetley Lane

1928/1929 Lapage Street Runners-up :Great Horton

1929/1930 Hanson

1930/1931 Usher Street Runners-up :Hanson

1931/1932 Shipley Central Runners-up :St Bede's

1932/1933 Lapage Street Runners-up :Barkerend

1933/1934 Grange Runners-up :Barkerend

1934/1935 Wyke Runners-up :Highfield

1935/1936 Whetley Lane Runners-up :Drummond Road

1936/1937 Lapage Street

1937/1938 Lapage Street Runners-up :Tyersal

1938/1939 GrangeRunners-up :Highfield

1939/1940 No competition

1940/1941 Grange Runners-up :Highfield

1941/1942 No competition

1942/1943 No competition

1943/1944 Grange

1944/1945 St. Bede's Runners-up :Queensbury

1945/1946 Grange Runners-up :Highfield

1946/1947 No competition

1947/1948 Grange Runners-up :Drummond (Note 1)

1948/1949 St. Bede'sRunners-up :Grange

1949/1950 St. Bede'sRunners-up :Grange

1950/1951 Belle VueRunners-up :Priestman

1951/1952 Grange

1952/1953 Drummond Runners-up :Grange

1953/1954 Grange Runners-up :Barkerend

1954/1955 St. Bede's Runners-up :Highfield

1955/1956 Grange Runners-up :Highfield

1956/1957 St. Mary’s Runners-up :Hanson

1957/1958 Belle Vue Runners-up :Hanson

1958/1959 Belle Vue Runners-up :Carlton

1959/1960 St. Bede's Runners-up :Belle Vue

1961/1962 TyersalRunners-up :Frizinghall

1962/1963 No competition

1963/1964 Hanson Runners-up :St. Bede's

1964/1965 St. Bede's Runners-up :Carlton

1965/1966 Carlton Runners-up :Buttershaw

1966/1967 St. Bede's Runners-up :Belle Vue

1967/1968 Grange Runners-up :Tong

1968/1969 Hanson Runners-up :St. Bede's

1969/1970 St. Bede's Runners-up :Grange

1970/1971 Tong Runners-up :Grange

1971/1972 Hanson Runners-up :Fairfax

1972/1973 Carlton Runners-up : Buttershaw

1973/1974 Rhodesway Runners-up :St Bede's (Note 2)

1974/1975 Hanson Runners-up :St Blaise

1975/1976 St. Bede's Runners-up :Hanson

1976/1977 Wyke Manor Runners-up :St. Bede's

1977/1978 Buttershaw Runners-up :Wyke Manor

1978/1979 Tong Runners-up :Carlton/Bolling

1979/1980 Hanson Runners-up :Rhodesway

1980/1981 Buttershaw Runners-up :Rhodesway

1981/1982 Hanson Runners-up :Belle Vue

1982/1983 Thornton and Buttershaw Joint Holders

1983/1984 Rhodesway Runners-up :Belle Vue


1985/1986 No competition

1986/1987 Salt Runners-up :St Bede's

1987/1988 Rhodesway Runners-up :Eccleshill

1988/1989 Salts Runners-up :Hanson

1989/1990 Salts



(1) The competition became an Under 15 one;

(2) the competition became an Under 16 one.

Grange have won the competition 14 times; St. Bede's have won it 10 times; Belle Vue and Hanson have each won it 7times; Whetley Lane and Barkerend have won it 5 times; Lapage and Carlton have won the competition 4 times each; Wyke have won it 4 times and Wyke Manor once; Rhodesway and Buttershaw have won it 3 times; St. Joseph’s, Usher Street, Drummond, Tong and Salts have won twice each; Great Horton, Dudley Hill, Fairweather Green, Shipley Central, St. Mary’s, Tyersal and Salt have each won once; The Trophy has been shared once between Thornton and Buttershaw.


3. The Division Two Shield


The Association’s 2nd Division Shield commenced in Season 1901/1902 but no Trophy was presented until the 1903/1904 season. The Division was divided into a varying number of sections from time to time, 2, 3 or 4, while in one season, the Division was scrapped entirely.

1901/1902Fairweather Green

1902/1903Drummond Road beat Carlton Commercial


1904/1905St Cuthbert’s

1905/1906St Joseph’s

1906/1907St Joseph’s

1907/1908Ryan Street


1909/1910Great Horton


1911/1912Usher Street

1912/1913Dudley Hill

1913/1914 Ryan Street beat Marshfield


1915/1916St Joseph’s

1916/1919No competition

1919/1920Fairweather Green

1920/1921 Wyke

1921/1922St Peter’s (S.W. ST Patrick’s and Woodroyd)

1922/1923Princeville (S.W. All Saints and Bolton Woods)

1923/1924Princeville (S.W. Bowling Back Lane and St Michael’s)

1924/1925St Joseph’s (S.W.Lorne Street, Marshfield & St Patrick’s)

1925/1926St Stephen’s (S.W St Michael’s Undercliffe & Usher Street)

1926/1927Usher Street (S.W. St Michael,s, Marshfield & Undercliffe)

1927/1928 St Michael’s (S.W. St Mary’s, Thornton & Low Moor)

1928/1929 St Joseph’s beat Hutton

1929/1930 St Michael’s beat St Anne’s

1930/1931 Cathedral (S.W. S t Patrick’s, Allerton & St John’s)

1931/1932St Mary’s (S.W. Carr Lane & St Patrick’s)

1932/1933 St Anne’s beat St Michael’s

1933/1934 No Competition

1934/1935Thorpe beat Thornton

1935/1936Woodroyd beat St William’s

1936/1937Priestman beat Frizinghall

1937/1938St Joseph’s beat Allerton

1938/1939Thope beat Priestman

1939/1946War Time Competitions

1946/1947 No Competition

1947/1948Thorpe beat Whetley Lane

1948/1949Hutton beat St Patrick’s (Note 1)

1949/1950Priestman beat Wyke


1951/1952Barkerend beat great Horton

1952/1953 Queensbury beat Northcliffe

1953/1954Lapage beat Allerton


(1) The competition became an Under 15 one.


The Shield was won 6 times by St Joseph’s, 3 times by Princeville, Thorpe and Wyke. Twice by Ryan Street, Fairweather Green, Usher Street, St Michael’s and Priestman. The following schools won the Trophy on one occasion: Woodroyd, Barkerend, Queensbury, Lapage, Drummond Road, Wapping, St Cuthbert’s, great Horton, Marshfield, Dudley Hill, St Peter’s, St Stephen’s, cathedral, St Mary’s, St Anne’s and Hutton.


4. The Wickham Shield.


This competition was introduced at the request of the Bradford Hospital Fund committee in the 1915/1916 season and operated to 1924.

1915/1916HansonBelle Vue

1916/1917Whetley LaneGrange Road

1917/1918GrangeHanson (1)

1918/1919 (2)



1921/1922Whetley LaneHanson

1922/1923Whetley Lane



1) The competition this year was made an Under 13 competition

2) The competition reverted this year to an Under 14 competition.


5. The Park Avenue Supporter’s Cup


This competition was inaugurated in Season 1924/1925 and was operated until 1931/1932.

1924/1925WykeWhetley Lane

1925/1926Whetley Lane

1926/1927Bradford MoorWhetley Lane




1930/1931HansonUsher Street

1931/1932Whetley Lane


6. The Daily Dispatch Shield.


This competition was inaugurated in season 1924/1925 operated with some gaps until 1938/1939.

1924/1925 Whetley LaneWapping

1925/1926WappingWhetley Lane

1926/1927Whetley LaneFairweather Green

1927/1928Usher StreetHanson


1934/1935St Mary’sWyke

1935/1936 Whetley LaneCarlton





7. The Junior Trophy.


This competition originally designed for Under 12 Boys was introduced in Season 1931/1932.

A trophy was presented for the following season (Later referred to as the “Widdowson and ‘Nevills’ Trophy). It was to be awarded to the winners of a play-off between section winners.

1932/1933Low Moor and Hanson Joint winners

1933/1934Bradford MoorRyan Street

1934/1935Bradford MoorSt James

1935/1936ThornburyRyan Street (1)

1936/1937Bradford MoorLow Moor

1937/1938ThornburyRyan Street

1938/1939Grange Road and Wapping Joint Holders

1939/1946No competition

1946/1947MarshfieldsWellington Road

1947/1948Bradford MoorSt Walburga’s (2)

1948/1949Bradford MoorSt Augustine’s

1949/1950Horton Bank TopLilycroft

1950/1951Swain House


1952/1953Swain HouseCarr Lane

1953/1954MarshfieldsWellington Road

1954/1955Horton Bank Top Lilycroft

1955/1956Bierley CountySt Clare’s

1956/1957Bowling Back LaneEccleshill North

1957/1958St Clare’sMarshfields

1958/1959Bowling Back LaneEccleshill North

1959/1960St Clare’sLilycroft

1960/1961WellingtonBradford Moor

1961/1962 Bradford MoorHanson Primary


1963/1964St Joseph’s and Wellington Joint winners

1964/1965St Walburga’aSt Anthony’s

1965/1966WibseySt Clare’s

1966/1967St John’sSt Francis

1967/1968St FrancisWoodside

1968/1969WibseySwain House (3)

1969/1970Wibsey Thackley

1970/1971St FrancisButtershaw Co

1971/1972 Ley TopClayton

1972/1973Buttershaw CountyWibsey(4)


(1) 1935 It was decided to purchase a cup of our own.

(2) Juniors now defined as Under 11

(3) 1968 Section Runners-up included in play-offs

(4) 1974 Trophy replaced by Tavender Trophy

The Trophy was held jointly on three occasions, in 1932/1933,1938/1939, and 1963/1964. Bradford Moor won the Trophy 6 times; Wibsey won the Trophy 4 times; Thornbury, Swain house, Marshfields, Bowling Back Lane, St Clare’s & St Francis all won the Trophy twice; Lilycroft, Bierley County, Wellington road, St Walburga’s, St John’s, Ley Top, and Buttershaw all won the Trophy on one occasion.


8.The Aurora Trophy.


An Under 13 League was introduced in the Season 1947/1948, ten teams participating.

The “Aurora” Trophy was presented to BSAA by the officers and ratings of H.M.S Aurora which had been adopted by the City of Bradford during the war. This Trophy was allocated to this competition.

It is to be awarded to the winners of a play-off between the section winners of the Under 13 (Intermediate) Leagues.

In the initial season there were two sections, but by 1979 there were eight.




1950/1951St Bede's

1951/1952Belle Vue

1952/1953St Bede'sThorpe

1953/1954St Bede'sHighfield



1956/1957Belle VueGreat Horton

1957/1958St Bede'sSt Peter’s

1958/1959Belle VueButtershaw

1959/1960St Mary’sHighfield

1960/1961EccleshillSt Bede's

1961/1962 Belle VueWyke Manor

1962/1963St Bede'sSt Blaise

1963/1964Hanson and Tyersal Joint Winners

1964/1965St Bede'sButtershaw

1965/1966Tong Cottingley Manor

1966/1967Hutton and St Bede's Joint winners

1967/1968St BlaiseDrummond


1969/1970St GeorgeHighfield

1970/1971St George St Edmund Campion

1971/1972 WibseyThorpe

1972/1973St GeorgeTyersal

1973/1974Swain HouseSt Blaise

1974/1975St BlaiseSwain House

1975/1976St BlaiseWellington


1977/1978BelmontSt George


1979/1980St Blaise and Swain House Joint Winners

1980/1981DrummondHoly family

1981/1982 St BlaiseSwain House (1)

1982/1983St George St Edmund Campion

1983/1984Holy FamilyDelf Hill

1984/1985Nab WoodFairweather Green

1985/1986No Competition

1986/1987WellingtonSt Edmund Campion


1988/1989WellingtonDelf Hill




(1) From 1981 onwards the play-off included runners-up as well as section winners.


The Trophy has been shared on three occasions, in 1963/1964, 1966/1967,and 1979/1980; St Bede’s have won the Trophy on six occasions; Belle Vue, St Blaise and St George’s have won the Trophy 4 ties each, Grange have won the Trophy three times; Tong Wibsey and Ladderbanks have won the Trophy twice each; Carlton, St Mary’s, Swain House, Priestman, Belmont, Holy family, nab Wood and Wellington have won the Trophy once.


9.The President’s Shield.


In 1954 the Division 2 Shield was renamed the President’s Shield, to be awarded to the winners of the play-offs between Section C and D

1954/1955HuttonSt Peter’s



1957/1958St Mary’sButtershaw

1958/1959PriestmanAll Saints



1961/1962 Rhodesway

1962/1963WoodendSt Blaise

1963/1964Wyke Manor Baildon


1965/1966GrangeEccleshill (1)

1966/1967St Edmund Campion and St Bede's Joint Winners

1967/1968St Bede'sEccleshill

1968/1969CarltonWyke Manor

1969/1970TongSt Bede's

1970/1971St Bede'sFairfax

1971/1972 St Bede's Carlton

1972/1973Hanson St Bede's

1973/1974St Bede'sCarlton

1974/1975St Bede'sTong

1975/1976ButtershawBelle Vue

1976/1977HansonWyke Manor

1977/1978St Bede'sTong

1978/1979EccleshillSt Bede's

1979/1980Belle VueWyke Manor

1980/1981St Bede'sEccleshill

1981/1982 Rhodesway and Wyke Manor Joint Winners

1982/1983St Bede'sGrange

1983/1984St Bede'sButtershaw


1985/1986No Competition

1986/1987Hanson and Yorkshire Martyrs Joint Winners (2)

1987/1988RhodeswayYorkshire Martyrs





(1) 1965 shield allocated to the new Under 14 League.

(2) Play-offs included runners-up from 1986


The Trophy has been shared three times, in 1966/1967, 1981/1982 and 1986/1987; St Bede's have won the Trophy on Nine occasions and have been in the Final 13 times in all; Hanson have won the Trophy on three occasions and Rhodesway twice; 17 schools have won the Trophy on one occasion.


10. The City Supporters' Trophies (Senior and Intermediate)


These Trophies were presented to the Association in 1965 by the Bradford City Supporters’ Association. One Senior allocated to the Under 15 age group, and one (Intermediate) to the Under 13 age group.



1956/1957HansonSt Bede'sCarltonSt Bede's

1957/1958BarkerendSt Mary’sSt Bede'sButtershaw

1958/1959Belle VuePriestmanTyersalEccleshill

1959/1960St Bede'sHansonGrangeLapage

1960/1961TyersalBelle VueEccleshill St Bede's

1961/1962 GrangeButtershawBelle VueCarlton

1962/1963Belle VueTyersalSt Bede'sEccleshill

1963/1964St Bede'sBelle VueTyersalLapage

1964/1965CarltonEccleshillSt Bede'sEccleshill

1965/1966HansonCarltonSt Edmund Campion Tong

1966/1967St Bede'sGrangeHuttonWibsey

1967/1968RhodeswaySt Bede'sSt BlaiseSt George

1968/1969HansonSt Bede'sTong and Wibsey Joint Winners

1969/1970 EccleshillCarltonSt GeorgeSt Blaise


1971/1972 St Bede'sFairfaxWibseyDrummond

1972/1973RhodeswaySt Bede'sSt GeorgeWibsey

1973/1974Wyke ManorHansonSt GeorgePollard Park

1974/1975CarltonSt Bede'sSwain HouseGreat Horton

1975/1976St Bede'sRhodeswaySt GeorgeSt Blaise

1976/1977EccleshillBelle VueLadderbanksIlkley

1977/1978St Bede'sTongBelmontWibsey

1978/1979St Bede'sRhodeswayLadderbanksSwain House

1979/1980ButtershawBelle VueSt BlaiseEccleshill North

1980/1981Carlton/BollingTongTyersalSt Edmund Campion

1981/1982 RhodeswayHansonNab WoodSt George

1982/1983Wyke ManorSt Bede'sSt Edmund Campion Ladderbanks

1983/1984RhodeswayGrangeSt GeorgeDelf Hill


1985/1986No Competition

1986/1987RhodeswayYorkshire MartyrsWellingtonSwain House

1987/1988HansonRhodeswaySt Edmund CampionLadderbanks

1988/1989RhodeswayNab WoodWellingtonSt George

1989/1990St GeorgeLadderbanks

1990/1991 Wibsey


Senior Trophy

St Bede's have won the Trophy seven times;Rhodesway and Hanson have won the Trophy five times each; Carlton and Carlton/Bolling have won the Trophy three times; Belle Vue,Grange, Eccleshill and Wyke Manor twice each; Barkerend, Tyersal and Buttershaw have each won the Trophy once.

Intermediate Trophy

In 1968/1969 the Trophy was shared; St Bede's,Tyersal, and St Edmund Campion have won the Trophy three times; Carlton, Ladderbanks, Belle Vue, Hutton, Buttershaw, Wibsey ,Swain House, Belmont, Nab Wood and Wellington have each won the Trophy once.


11. The Walter French Trophy


This Trophy was presented to BSAA by Miss (Mlle) Tuer. Niece of Walter French, Secretary of BSAA from 1908-1927 and Secretary of BSFA from 1927-1928. In 1961 it took the place of the Schools' Shield.


1961/1962 GrangeEccleshill

1962/1963Belle VueRhodesway

1963/1964Belle VueRhodesway

1964/1965GrangeWyke Manor

1965/1966Hanson Buttershaw



1968/1969Carlton and Grange Joint Winners

1969/1970CarltonSt Blaise

1970/1971Tong and St Bede's Joint winners

1971/1972 St Bede'sFairfax

1972/1973St Bede's and Wyke manor Joint Winners

1973/1974St Bede's Wyke Manor

1974/1975St Bede's Wyke Manor

1975/1976Tong Thornton


1977/1978St Bede'sCarlton/Bolling



1980/1981Carlton/BollingWyke Manor

1981/1982 HansonButtershaw

1982/1983St Bede'sHanson



1985/1986No Competition

1986/1987RhodeswaySouth Craven

1987/1988Hanson and holy Family Joint winners

1988/1989Salts and Rhodesway Joint Winners




The Trophy was shared in Seasons 1968/1969, 1970/1971, 1972/1973,and 1987/88; St Bede's have won the Trophy five times; Grange and Hanson have each won the Trophy four times; Belle Vue, Carlton/Bolling, Tong, and Rhodesway have each won the Trophy twice; Buttershaw have won the Trophy once.


12. The Braithwaite Trophy.


This Trophy was purchased by the Association as a memorial to Mr. Fred Braithwaite (Secretary of Bradford Rovers A.F.C.) and allocated to the new Under 12 League. It was to be awarded to the winners of a play off between the winners of the two sections. By 1982 there were six sections; there are currently three. The runners up were included in the play-offs in Season 1975/1976.


1966/1967St BlaiseHutton

1967/1968Drummond and Wibsey Joint Winners

1968/1969St BlaiseHutton

1969/1970DrummondSt Blaise

1970/1971ThorpeSt Edmund Campion

1971/1972 St GeorgeWibsey

1972/1973St BlaiseSt George

1973/1974Great HortonSt George

1974/1975ButtershawSt Blaise

1975/1976PriestmanSwain House

1976/1977Belmont and Buttershaw Joint winners


1978/1979St GeorgeEccleshill North

1979/1980St Edmund CampionWellington

1980/1981St GeorgeSt Blaise

1981/1982 St George and St Edmund Campion Joint winners

1982/1983St GeorgeDelf Hill

1983/1984WoodendDelf Hill

1984/1985Wellington and St George Joint winners

1985/1986No Competition


1987/1988St George Wellington

1988/1989LadderbanksSt George

1989/1990WibseySwain House



The Trophy was shared in Seasons 1967/1968, 1976/1977, 1981/1982 and 1984/1985;

St George’s have won the Trophy five times; St Blaise have won the Trophy three times; laddebanks have won the Trophy twice; St Edmund Campion and Woodend have won the Trophy once.


13. The George Tavender Trophy.


This Trophy marking the services to the Association of George Tavender, was purchased in 1974 with Money given by schools and other footballing organisations. It replaced the old Junior (Neville) Trophy.

1973/1974Swain HouseSt William’s

1974/1975Pollard Park and Priestman Joint winners

1975/1976Swain HouseFenby

1976/1977Ladderbanks and Wyke Joint Winners

1977/1978St FrancisDaisy Hill

1978/1979Daisy Hill and Tyersal Joint Winners

1979/1980Fairweather GreenSt George

1980/1981St GeorgeSt Blaise

1981/1982 St GeorgeBelmont

1982/1983Woodend Wibsey

1983/1984Nab WoodWoodend

1984/1985Delf HillLadderbanks

1985/1986No Competition

1986/1987Wellington Gilstead

1987/1988Clayton and Ladderbanks Joint Winners

1988/1989WibseySwain house


1990/1991Thorpe and Ladderbanks Joint Winners


The Trophy was shared in Seasons 1974/1975, 1976/1977, 1978/79, 1987/1988 and 1990/1991; St George and Swain House have each won the Trophy twice; St Francis, Fairweather Green, Woodend, Nab Wood, Delf Hill and Wellington have each won the Trophy once.


14. The Park Avenue Trophy.


An Under 16 League (9 teams) was introduced in 1974. No Trophy was presented in this Season.

In the following year the Association was presented with a Trophy by the Park Avenue Supporters’ Club and it was allocated to the Under 16 League.

1975/1976St Bede's and Wyke Manor Joint Winners

1976/1977St Bede's


1978/1979St Bede's



1981/1982 Buttershaw




1985/1986No Competition


1987/1988Nab Wood


15. The Under 11 Cup.


1975/1976 Swain HouseGreat Horton

1976/1977Swain HouseBelmont

1977/1978Ladderbanks and St Francis Joint Winners

1978/1979St Edmund CampionIlkley

1979/1980Nab WoodSwain House

1980/1981Daisy Hill and St George Joint Winners

1981/1982 Swain HouseWellington

1982/1983Woodend Priestman

1983/1984Priestman and Nab Wood Joint Winners


1985/1986No Competition

1986/1987St George Wellington

1987/1988 St GeorgeParkside


1989/1990Thorpe and Nab Wood Joint Winners

1990/1991Cottingley Manor


The Trophy has been shared four times in 1977/178, 1980/1981, 1983/1984 and 1989/1990; Swain House have won the Trophy three times; St George twice; St Edmund Campion, Woodend, Gilstead and Priestman have succeeded once each.


16. The Under 10 Trophy


Under 10 football was introduced in Season 1978/1979 when there were two sections each of six teams. A Trophy was presented by Bradford City. Winners of sections and runners up were involved in play offs

1978/1979Nab Wood and St Francis Joint Winners

1979/1980St FrancisSt William’s

1980/1981St Clare’sSwain House

1981/1982 St Clare’s and Wibsey Joint winners

1982/1983St Clare’s Gregory

1983/1984St Clare’s and St Matthews Joint winners

1984/1985ButtershawSt William’s

1985/1986No Competition

1986/1987St Clare’s Wibsey

1987/1988WibseyStoney Lee


1989/1990Ladderbanks and Ilkley Joint Winners

1990/1991St Francis and St Winefrides Joint Winners


The Trophy has been shared five times, in1978/1979, 1980/1981, 1983/1984,1989/1990 and 1990/1991.St Clare’s have won the Trophy three times and shared it twice; St Francis, Buttershaw, and Wibsey have each won the Trophy once.


17. The T.S.B. Trophy.


1979/1980Wyke ManorButtershaw

1980/1981St Bede'sButtershaw

1981/1982St Bede'sTong

1982/1983RhodeswayBelle Vue

1983/1984St Bede'sFairfax


1985/1986No Competition

1986/1987SaltsYorkshire Martyrs



1989/1990Tong and Thornton Joint Winners

1990/1991Yorkshire Martyrs


18 The Under 11 Six a side.


Following he inception of the E.S.F.A/Smith’s Crisps Under 11 six a side competition in 1979,it was decided to purchase a Trophy to be presented to the winners of the Bradford Area competition.

1979/1980RyshworthSwain House

1980/1981WellingtonSt George

1981/1982 St GeorgeSwain House


1983/1984WoodendNab wood

1984/1985St George


1986/1987WellingtonSt George






19. Jim Averis Trophy


This Trophy was allocated to the Senior Cup in appreciation of the services of Mr. Jim Averis, for many years P.E. Adviser to the Bradford Education Authority

1981/1982 St Bede'sGrange

1982/1983SaltsSt Bede's

1983/1984St Bede'sBelle Vue



1986/1987Nab Woodsalts

1987/1988St Bede'sSalts