Bradford Boys’ Honours


1. International Players.


M. Wellock Drummond Road (2) 1916

C.Hollis Great Horton (1) 1917

C. Haigh Lapage Street (1) 1917 (Captain)

F. Bower Drummond Road (1) 1919

C. Gardener Princeville (2) 1924

R. A. Geldard Whetley Lane (3) 1927,1928

L.F. Shackleton Carlton (3) 1936

B. Wright Tyersal (7) 1960 (Captain)

D. Nichols Tong (1) 1972


2. International Trialists


Rawlins Drummond Road 1913

Tarran Whetley Lane 1914

Hall Whetley Lane 1914

E. Jagger Wyke 1923

E. King Shipley Central 1929

R. Warnett Barkerend 1934

M. Priestley Belle Vue 1936

K. Wright Carlton 1936

W. Elliott Lapage 1939

K. Burgoyne Drummond 1939

R. Terry Allerton 1957

David Roper Belle Vue 1959

Bruce Bannister Grange 1961

P. Newlove Lapage 1962

D. Crossland Hanson 1966

P. Western Belle Vue 1967

R. Cullingford St Bede's 1968

P. Tymczyczyn St Bede's 1972

Neil Firm Rhodesway 1973

Subsequent to 1973 the E.S.F.A.abandoned the system of trial matches, introducing instead coaching and selection courses. The following Bradford Boys have attended such courses.

B. Gallagher St Bede's 1976

B. Hawkins St Bede's 1977

N. Beaumont Grange 1980

R. Eli Hanson 1981

C. Hudson Thornton 1982


3 County players (Yorkshire)

A. Kemp Whetley Lane 1920/21  J. Richards St Joseph’s 1920/21
J. E. Jowett Fairweather Green 1920/21  E. Lake Boltons Woods 1921/22
A. Gill Whetley Lane 1922/23  E. Jagger Wyke 1922/23
J. Hartley Wyke 1922/23  H. Pyrah Wyke 1922/23
L. Holdsworth Wyke 1923/24 S. Brogden Usher Street 1923/24
C. Gardener Princeville 1923/24  W. Ward Princeville 1924/25
A  Geldard Whetley Lane 1925/27  N. Geldard Whetley Lane 1925/26
A. Pickles St. Michael’s 1928/29  A. Brown Whetley Lane 1928/29
E. King Shipley Central 1929/39  E  Gallagher St Peter’s 1931/32
J. Noble Drummond Road 1931/32 E. Rhodes Priestman 1932/33
R. Warnett Barkerend 1932/33 J. Bateson Shipley Central 1932/33
H. Lister Highfield 1933/34 E. Wilson Priestman 1933/34
G.  Mortimer Lapage 1933/34 G. Fisher Drummond 1934/35
M. Priestley Belle Vue 1936/37 J. Walker Woodroyd 1937/38
W. Elliott Lapage 1938/39 D. Jackson Drummond 1938/39
V. Williams  St Bede's 1947/48
A. Quirk St Patrick’s 1947/48
G. Mitchell Grange 1949/50 B. Wharton Grange 1949/50
P. Glover Belle Vue 1951/52 M. Bakes Belle Vue 1951/52
M. Hellewell St Bede's 1952/53 J. Firth St Bede's 1952/53
J. Osborne Belle Vue 1954/55 P. Clay St Bede's 1955/56
M. Neville St Bede's 1956/57 B. Kelly Wibsey 1957/58
R. Terry Allerton 1957/58 D. Roper Belle Vue 1959/60
G. Turner Drummond 1959/60 B. Wright Tyersal 1959/61
J. Clark St Bede's 1960/61 G. Keighley Belle Vue 1960/61
B. Bannister Grange 1961/62  I. Cooper Priestman 1961/62
W. Legg Eccleshill 1962/63 Terrence  Hibbitt Tyersal 1962/63
K. Madden Eccleshill 1962/63 P. Newlove Lapage 1962/63
K.  Novakowski Belle Vue 1963/64 Kenny Hibbitt Fairfax 1965/66
T Larkin Grange 1965/66 G. Walker Wyke Manor 1965/66
D. Crossland Hanson 1965/66 K. Wright Fairfax 1966/67
N. Briggs Grange 1967/68 D. Rooks Rhodesway 1967/68
S. Walker St Bede's 1967/68 P. Western Belle Vue 1967/68
R. Cullingford St Bede's 1968/69 S. Suddards St Bede's 1968/69
R. Exley Eccleshill 1969/70 S. Butler St Bede's 1970/71
D. Allanson Bradford Grammar 1970/71 Gary Watson Tong 1970/71
D. Nichols Tong 1971/72 P. Tymczyczyn St Bede's 1971/72
S. Crossland Fairfax 1971/72 Neil Firm Rhodesway 1971/72
G. Johnson Wyke Manor 1974/75 B. Gallagher St Bede's 1975/76
G. Berridge Wyke Manor 1975/76 B. Hawkins St Bede's 1976/77
D. Turner Belle Vue 1976/77 D. Matthews Cottingley Manor 1976/77
S. Regan Buttershaw 1976/77 T. Parr Buttershaw 1976/77

4 County Players (West Yorkshire) 

Wilson Hanson 1977/78  G Johnson Wyke Manor 1977/78
C Shepherd Carlton/Bolling 1977/78 S Hall Hanson 1977/78
Travers Belle Vue 1977/78  Horne St. Bede's 1978/79
Tim Hotte  Grange 1978/79 Craig Snape Tong 1978/79
Craig Peltier  1978/79
Hodson Tong 1978/79
Durrand  1978/79 Tom Cannonville St. Bede's 1978/79
Haley Grange 1978/79 Molloy St. Bede's 1978/79
N Beaumont Grange 1979/80 S Watson Rhodesway 1979/80
M Dawson Buttershaw 1979/80 Ian Ormondroyd Grange 1979/80
Simon McGovern St. Bede's 1979/80  Rodger Eli Hanson 1980/81
Andy Dimbleby Tong 1980/81  C Hudson Thornton 1981/82
Desmond Hazel Buttershaw 1981/82  Chimilowskij Rhodesway 1981/82
Wardman Tong 1981/82 Jimmy Spence Hanson 1981/82
Andrew Kiwomya St. Bede's 1982/83  R Littlewood Wyke Manor 1982/83
S Thompson Hanson 1982/83  King St. Bede's 1982/83
Andy ?Duggan Rhodesway 1982/83 Peter?  Mumby Rhodesway 1983/84
David? Harrison Rhodesway 1983/84 Stephen? Morrell  1983/84
Mark Bower St. Bede's 1984/85 Hodgkiss Thornton 1984/85
Wayne Heseltine St. Bede's 1984/85  Lee Kirk Fairfax 1984/85
Adam Green Hanson 1985/86  Gary Haylock Queensbury 1985/86
M? Sykes Queensbury 1985/86  Andy Pursell St Bede's 1985/86
Mark Humphries Beckfoot 1987/88 Steven Vincent Salt Grammar 1987/88
Jonathan White Bingley Grammar  1987/88 J Taylor Hanson 1987/88
Simon Inch Tong 1987/88   ?Smith Salts 1988/89
Dover Salts 1988/89  Lee Margerison Bingley 1988/89
Danny? Forrest Nab Wood 1988/89 Griffiths Ilkley 1988/89
Karl Serrant Hanson 1989/90 Andrew Wilson Rhodesway 1989/90
Stephen McManus  Hanson 1989/90  Andrew Couzens Salts 1989/90
Simon Oliver Buttershaw 1989/90 Andrew Crump Bradford Grammar 1989/91
Sunderland Bingley 1989/91  Rickaby Bingley 1990/91
Tomlinson Bingley 1990/91 Stabb Rhodesway 1991/92
Burgess Salts 1991/92  Fawell Bingley 1991/92



I must first acknowledge the help of Andy Mettas, Ian Fox and Bill Marshall in preparing my material for publication.

My greatest debts of gratitude in compiling this material are to:

1) The Editor and library staff of the Telegraph and Argus newspaper, Bradford.

2)Miss Wilmott, (Specialist librarian, Local Studies), Bradford Central Library

3) Trevor Delaney, the Historian of the Rugby League

for invaluable help over the early stages of the Association.

I acknowledge further the help received from the following: -

Tony Cryer, my successor as Secretary of the Association;

John McKay and Bill Campbell, Life Members of the Association;

Jim Wooton, ex Chairman of the Association;

Ronnie Whitaker, Ex Head of Belle Vue Boys School;

Tony Croft and Derek Radcliffe, Commitee members of BMDSFA

Edward Hawksworth, Malcolm Robinson, Fred Greenwood,

Barrie Wright, Jack Williamson and Peter Bailey (for reminiscences of past teams.)

The public libraries of Liverpool, Sunderland and Chesterfield .

Frank Hill, Ex Secretary and Hon. Archivist of Manchester S.F.A.

Derek Wade, Secretary of Leeds S.F.A.

Graham Dawson Secretary of West Yorkshire S.F.A.

Paul Gittins, P.E.Master Rhodesway School, Bradford

N. Geldard and S. Orme (for permission to use photographs)

Bradford Metropolitan District Schools' Football Association

(for publishing a limited edition of the hard-bound version of this book)

The manuscripts  and all materials used or referred to in this book
are stored at the West Yorkshire Archive Service under Ref WYB69
at Bradford Central Library 01274 435099